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Born in San Diego, I became inspired by art and design at a young age through skateboarding and music. After a lot of trial and error in familiarizing myself with creating art through photocopied concert and show fliers, I decided to pursue a degree in design from Woodbury University in Los Angeles. While at Woodbury, I found a mentor and life long friend in English collage artist Graham Moore. While living in LA I also spent a year interning for world-renowned fine-art/celebrity photographer David LaChapelle.


Deciding to finish school out in my home town, I completed a degree in Multimedia, graduating with honors and distinction while concurrently working at the Lambesis Advertising Agency under the creative direction of Oscar Lutteroth, jumpstarting my career. Moving into the e-commerce field a few years later, I relocated to Long Beach (RIP Nate Dogg) to be a part of the digital design team for online fashion giants REVOLVE & FWRD by Elyse Walker under the creative direction of Jenny Doucedame and Katherine Galiste. 3 years later, a family matter brought me back to San Diego where I found a new home in design at the Original Grain Watch Company, designing under the direction of Jose Coli. Coming full circle once again working with Oscar Lutteroth, I am currently the Sr. Digital Designer under his direction at the industry leading digital marketing agency Ignite Visibility, based in San Diego.

Feeding into my global curiosity, when I'm not designing or creating collages, I'll most likely be somewhere in the world finding new beers to try with new friends while listening to Thin Lizzy. 

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