Lambesis Branding Agency


As part of the digital design team at the Lambesis Agency, we worked closely with SKYY Vodka to create unique digital experiences rooted in the visually striking campaign creative produced by the print team. To promote a partnership between Pandora One and the SKYY Passion For Perfection campaign that saw SKYY covering an initial 7-Day free trial, I was tasked with creating a custom site skin to live within Pandora to try and create SKYY brand awareness to Pandora users while promoting the free trial. For support ad creative designed to live across websites such as and Hulu, I created various industry-standard size banners (300x250, 300x60, 160x600) to help act as a jumping point to get people onto the Pandora page to sign up for the trial. I then created a SKYY branded landing page to live on the Pandora site where all creative led to and was where the user was able to enter their email address to access their free trial.